Workshop «Platypus Eggs. Scripts for the Puppet Scene» by Yanisbel Martínez

On Thursday, June 20, starting at 18:30 h, the free micro-workshop “Huevos de ornitorrinco. Escrituras para la escena de los títeres” will take place in the Mariana de Pineda Hall of the Palacio de la Madraza. It will be given by Yanisbel Martínez. Maximum 15 places.

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This workshop is part of the collaboration between Granada City of Literature UNESCO and the Vice-Rectorate of University Extension of the UGR, through La Madraza-Centro de Cultura Contemporánea of the University of Granada and the Cátedra Federico García Lorca.

If we were to play “if you were an animal”, the puppet, being able to be all of them (the real ones, the fantastic ones, the extinct ones, and the ones that science has yet to discover), would undoubtedly be a platypus, because it is an “oddball”, mammal, egg-laying, with a duck-billed snout, a beaver’s tail, otter’s legs, and poisonous.
Puppetry, at the crossroads of so many disciplines, demands the knowledge of its own language, to write scenes where animated objects, whatever their form, are essential, not subsidiary, and express themselves through action and its inexhaustible poetic potential.
This micro-workshop is an approach to the problem of writing for the puppet scene, to peek into the nest and appreciate the eggs of the untamed platypus.

Yanisbel Martínez (Havana, 1975) is puppeteer and theatre researcher. After an extensive academic training in Cuba and France, and working with different theater companies in Cuba, France, Greece, Spain and Vietnam, she has been Enrique Lanz’s assistant since 2007. In the Etcétera theatre company she also works as production manager, playwright, puppeteer and actress in all puppeteer and actress in all shows. She complements this work with the writing of articles articles for theatrical magazines and giving courses and conferences on puppet theater. She also curates exhibitions and puppet theater events.

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