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Granada’s Bookshop Network booklet

A 64-page colour free booklet, with texts in Spanish and English. Hard-copy version of the project Granada’s Bookshop Network, a catalogue of bookshops in the city, set up with several objectives in view: to leverage the quality, quantity and diversity of the bookshops in the city of Granada; enhance their visibility and promotion; build bridges between
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Presentation of the project “Granada´s Bookshop Network”

On 24 April 2016 under the umbrella of the Granada Book Fair, the project “Granada’s Bookshop Network”  was launched by Jesús Ortega (director, Granada UNESCO City of Literature Programme) and Rafael Serano (Babel bookshop). The project catalogues 56 bookshops in the city of Granada, arranged both alphabetically and by type: general, secondhand, specialist and institutional. The
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