Granada’s Bookshop Network booklet

A 64-page colour free booklet, with texts in Spanish and English. Hard-copy version of the project Granada’s Bookshop Network, a catalogue of bookshops in the city, set up with several objectives in view: to leverage the quality, quantity and diversity of the bookshops in the city of Granada; enhance their visibility and promotion; build bridges between the bookshops and the public; generate self-esteem and added value; forge links between the specific ambit of bookshops and the general one of promoting the arts and tourism in the city; and to group the bookshops together in an idea or image of quality to join the city’s other cultural attractions.

The project has also been uploaded to the Granada UNESCO City of Literature website. It contains text descriptions and images of 56 bookshops, including general ones selling new releases and secondhand bookshops, specialist bookshops (university, religious, children’s, foreign languages, comics, etc.) and institutional bookshops, arranged both alphabetically and thematically, by means of a colour-coded route map.

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