Multipoetry Krakow. Ángeles Mora

Between August 2014 and December 2015 the KraKow UNESCO City of Literature  progamme organised a “multipoetry” project that involved the other UCCN Cities of Literature, furthering the network’s objectives for international cooperation. The project, titled Krakow Multipoetry, consists of the first few days of each month (with each day being allocated a different city, from the 1st to the 10th) being devoted to enabling the Cities of Literaqture to project poetry, in English and Polish, onto the walls of one of the best-known buildings in the city’s old quarter: the Potocki building on Bracka Street.

Granada joined the project in June 2015, with ten poets participating, from which Krakow chose seven before the project ended in December de 2015: Ioana GruiaÁngeles MoraMónica DoñaJuan Carlos FriebeTrinidad GanErika Martínez and Virgilio Cara.

On 9 July 2015 a poem by Ángeles Mora  was projected:


       Tu nombre se me enciende
       en la boca
       igual que parpadean
       las estrellas.



       Your name ignites
       in my mouth
       as twinkling

Ángeles Mora has lived in Granada since 1980, obtaining a degree in Hispanic philology from the city’s university. She won the Rafael Alberti Prize for La guerra de los treinta años (1990). Her first four books have been collected as Antología poética (1995). Other publications include: ¿Las mujeres son mágicas? (2000); Contradicciones, pájaros (Visor, 2001; City of Melilla Prize and translated into Italian); Contraddizioni, uccelli (2005); and Bajo la alfombra (Visor, 2008). For her latest book of poetry, Ficciones para una autobiografía (Bartleby, 2015), Ángeles Mora won the 2016 Spanish Poetry Prize and National Critics’ Prize


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