Marli Roode and Luciana Jazmín Coronado selected for the 2019 Granada Writers in Residence Programme

The 2019 Programme for Writers in Residence in Granada received no fewer than 111 applications from writers from countries including India, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Nepal, Lebanon, South Africa, Israel, Georgia, Chile, as well as from many European countries.

The jury, composed of Jesús Ortega, representing Granada UNESCO City of Literature, Pilar Núñez, from the University of Granada, and the independent writer Alejandro Pedregosa, agreed to award the two grants for the second edition of the programme to Marli Roode and Luciana Jazmín Coronado.

In the case of Marli Roode, a writer of fiction, poetry and literary criticism who was born in South Africa in 1984 and now lives in Manchester (UK), the jury highlighted her potential to develop her projection as a writer, having published an ambitious first novel that was well received by the critics and has already been translated into French, with a second novel set to be published soon. They also considered the professionalism of her proposal for what she intends to work on in Granada: an eco-poetic research project related to her PhD dissertation, involving a hybrid, miscellaneous text and combining fragments from different genres, about our new relationship with nature – a reflective example of how climate change has become a topic that the arts in general and literature in particular can no longer afford to ignore.

Luciana Jazmín Coronado, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1991, is a young Argentinian poet who has published two collections to date. The jury was particularly impressed by the vitality and intensity of her work as she seeks to consolidate her own expressive voice, showing considerable potential to forge links with the local literary scene, as well as proposing an interesting project for the poetry she would write during her residency in Granada, as one leg of a globetrotting journey taking in various cities all over the world, with a view to expressing through poetry different forms of dialectics between the past and the present, cultural traces and physical spaces.

Marli Roode

Marli Roode

Marli Roode (born in Pretoria in 1984) migrated from South Africa to the UK when she was seventeen. Having spent several years in London, where she obtained a master’s degree in philosophy and arts and worked as a freelance journalist, she now lives in Manchester, where she has studied at the Manchester University’s Centre for New Writing. Her first novel, Call It Dog (Atlantic Books, 2014), which was translated into French in 2016, was shortlisted for both the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Sunday Times Fiction Prize in the UK and the K. “Sello” Duiker Memorial Literary Award in South Africa. Her short stories have been published in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology. Her second novel, Vital Signs, is scheduled for publication in 2020.

Luciana Jazmín Coronado

Luciana Jazmín Coronado was born in Buenos Aires in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the University of Buenos Aires. She has published two collections of poetry: La insolación (Insolation) (Viajero Insomne, 2014) and Catacumbas (Catacombs) (Valparaíso Ediciones, 2016), which won the first Hispano-American Poetry Prize of San Salvador. Her work has been published in international anthologies and journals, and has also been translated into English, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic. In 2017 she was awarded an artist’s grant from the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators (Córdoba, Spain). She currently lives in Barcelona, where she teaches languages.

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