Sami Naïr at “Future, Humanities” cycle

The Granada UNESCO City of Literature Programme and the Aula de Literatura of the University of Granada are organising a new series of colloquium lecture. It is entitled “Future, humanities” and aims to propose different perspectives on the meaning, role and value of the humanities in the current context of the emergence of a new global society of image and technology.

The lectures will be held in person at the Sala de Caballeros XXIV of the Madraza, and will be broadcast live on the Madraza’s YouTube channel. They will take place once a month, between November 2021 and May 2022. The participants are leading intellectuals, philosophers and writers with a career of enormous prestige: Guillermo Busutil, Carlos García Gual, Juan Antonio González Iglesias, Aurora Luque, Sami Naïr and Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel.

Do you want to ask?

The public is invited to ask some questions to the speakers participating in the cycle. These questions can be sent in advance by email to or through the chat on the Madraza’s YouTube channel, in the open room for each colloquium lecture. At the end of the lecture there will be a time slot reserved for answering questions sent us by the public.

Sami Naïr, «Towards a New Enlightenment or a Big regression?». A conversation with Patricio Hernández

On Friday, February 25th, at 7 pm, will take place this conversation between philosopher, writer, and political scientist Sami Naïr, and cultural manager Patricio Hernández, entitled “Towards a New Enlightenment or a Big Regression?”. Presented by Jesús Ortega and Pilar Núñez. The event can be followed on the Madraza’s YouTube channel,, where you can ask questions to the speaker on the chat, as well as by email:

Sami Naïr

Sami Naïr (Tlemcen, Algeria, 1946), French of Algerian origin, is a political scientist, philosopher and sociologist, specialist in migratory movements and creator of the concept of co-development. He is professor of Political Science on Paris VIII University, and director of the Andalusian Mediterranean Centre at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville. He has also taught at several universities around the world (USA, Latin America, Europe and the Maghreb). After being appointed inter-ministerial delegate of Codevelopment and International Migration to the French Government in 1998, he was an MEP from 1999 to 2004. He is a regular contributor to several newspapers (Le Monde, Libération, El Periódico de Cataluña) and a columnist for the newspaper El País. He is the author of numerous books, among them: Mediterráneo hoy. Entre el diálogo y el rechazo (1995), En el nombre de Dios (1995), Le déplacement du monde (1996, in collaboration with Javier de Lucas), Politique de civilisation (1997, in collaboration with Edgar Morin), Las heridas abiertas (1998), El desplazamiento en el mundo: inmigración y temáticas de identidad (1998), El peaje de la vida (2000, in collaboration with Juan Goytisolo), La inmigración explicada a mi hija (2001), Una historia que no acaba (2001), El Imperio frente a la diversidad del mundo (2003), Y vendrán… Las migraciones en tiempos hostiles (2006), Democracia y responsabilidad (2008), Un détournement, Nicolas Sarkozy et la «politique de civilisation» (2008), La Europa mestiza. Inmigración, ciudadanía, codesarrollo (2010), La lección tunecina. Cómo la revolución de la Dignidad ha derrocado al poder mafioso (2011), La Europa mestiza: Inmigración, ciudadanía y codesarrollo (2012), ¿Por qué se rebelan? Revoluciones y contrarrevoluciones en el mundo árabe (2013), Refugiados (2016) o Acompañando a Simone de Beauvoir: Mujeres, hombres, igualdad (2019).

Patricio Hernández

Patricio Hernández (Murcia, 1960) has a degree in Modern and Contemporary History (University of Murcia). He spent years in politics and has been a member of the Murcia City Council between 1979-1983 (PSOE) and 1991-1995 (IU). He has developed a long career as a civil servant and a cultural manager. Since 2015 he is Coordinator of Arts Department of Cartagena City Council. Creator of projects such as the Mandarache Prize for Young Readers (National Prize for the Promotion of Reading 2014), Much More May Festival of Emerging Art, Night of the Museums of Cartagena, Caja del Tiempo (European Commission Youth Prize), Servicio Espacio Joven de Atención Integral a Jóvenes, the Cartagena Piensa and “Leer, pensar, imagina” programs of the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy, or the Deslinde poetry festival. He has been vice-president of the Platform for Culture of the region of Murcia and is president of the Citizens’ Forum of the region of Murcia. He has published numerous works on cultural policy and has taught courses and seminars.

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