Chus Pato at “Sábado en armas”

Javier Egea wrote that poetry is a “pequeño pueblo en armas contra la soledad”. From the Asociación Cultural del Diente de Oro, we want to contribute to raise that small town and with that motivation we start a new cycle of poetic meetings with the collaboration of Granada City of Literature UNESCO. “Sábado en armas” aims to create a space where once a month on Saturday is poetry, a joyful occasion for dialogue and community that resists violence and disaffection of our world.

Asociación del Diente de Oro

The cycle of poetry readings “Sábado en armas” is going on at the Centro Federico García Lorca on May 13, 2023, at 12:30 pm. The new event will consist of a reading of poems by Chus Pato. Presented by María Elena Higueruelo. Organized by: Asociación del Diente de Oro and Granada UNESCO City of Literature Office. Collaborator: Centro Federico García Lorca.

Chus Pato

Chus Pato (Galicia, 1955) is one of the most representative voices of contemporary Galician poetry. She is the author of eleven collections of poems, published between 1991 and 2019, for which she received several awards, such as the Spanish National Critics Award and twice the Losada Diéguez. We highlight the Decrúa, antes método pentalogy, that includes m-Talá, Charenton, Hordas de escritura, Secesión and Carne de Leviatan. In addition to her important projection in the Anglo-Saxon sphere (Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and the USA), her books were published in countries such as Argentina, Portugal, Holland or Bulgaria; likewise, selections of her poems were published in Catalan, Basque, Polish, Classical Arabic, French, Romanian, Russian, German and Slovene. Her work was collected in dozens of national and international anthologies. She participated in multiple festivals both in the American continent and in Europe and Africa. In 2015, her voice was incorporated into recordings at Harvard’s Wood Berry Poetry Room. On September 23, 2017, she became a full member of the Royal Galician Academy. In 2022 she read her Carta aberta a Europa in the city of Ptuj. The publisher Ultramarinos has published the first three volumes of Poesía reunida de Chus Pato, a project that presents her books in Spanish translation. They live near the Catasós forest, where the tallest chestnut trees in Europe are preserved.

María Elena Higueruelo

María Elena Higueruelo. Photo: Carlos Allende

María Elena Higueruelo (Torredonjimeno, Jaen, 1994) is a Spanish poet. Graduated in Mathematics and Comparative Literatures from the University of Granada, where she has also taken the Master in Literary and Theatrical Studies. He has published the poems El agua y la sed (Hiperión, 2015), with which he won the XVIII Antonio Carvajal Young Poetry Prize, and Los días eternos (Rialp, 2020), winner of the Adonais Prize 2019 and the Joven Miguel Hernández Young Poetry Prize 2021. It has been included in the anthologies Nacer en otro tiempo (Renacimiento, 2016), Piel fina (Maremágnum, 2019) and Cuando dejó de llover (Sloper, 2021).

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