Assessment of candidate cities in 2015

In the autumn of 2015 (September–November), Granada, like the other member cities of the network of UNESCO Cities of Literature, received, studied and assessed the application forms and candidate dossiers  of 12 cities wishing to join the network’s literature group.

Application form::


The 12 candidate cities were:

Antwerp (Belgium)
Seattle (United States)
Salamanca (Spain)
Baghdad (Iraq)
Barcelona (Spain)
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Lviv (Ukraine)
Montevideo (Uruguay)
Nottingham (United Kingdom)
Obidos (Portugal)
Tartu (Estonia)
Ulyanovsk (Russia)

The new cities

Finally, the new members of the Cities of Literature group announced by UNESCO on 1 December 2015 were:


Baghdad, Iraq
Barcelona, Spain
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lviv, Ukraine
Montevideo, Uruguay
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Óbidos, Portugal
Tartu, Estonia
Ulyanovsk, Russia

The selection process for new candidates will not reopen until 2017.

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