Writers from Granada at the Heidelberg Literaturtage Festival

Once again, as a result of the collaboration with Heidelberg UNESCO City of Literature, creators from the city of Granada have been invited to participate in the Heidelberger Literaturtage festival. The 2021 edition has been online but also in person. On June 9, 2021 Jesús Ortega, coordinator of the Granada UNESCO City of Literature program of the City of Granada, participated in the opening ceremony of the festival, together with Eckart Würzner, mayor of Heidelberg, and Andrea Edel, director of Culture of the City of Heidelberg and director of Heidelberg UNESCO City of Literature.

Michael Ebmeyer and Jesús Ortega. Heidelberger Literaturtage festival, June 9, 2021.

On the same day, the hochroth Heidelberg publishing house, directed by Geraldine Gutiérrez-Wienken, presented two new titles in its catalogue, Wir Frauen, im Hinterhof eines sehr großen Hauses / Nosotras, en el patio de atrás de una casa muy grande, an anthology of poems by Olalla Castro translated into German by Astrid Nischkauer, and Der Nagel an der Wand, an anthology of short stories by Jesús Ortega translated into German by Michael Ebmeyer.

Hochroth Heidelberg Publishing House was founded in 2018, and is dedicated to publishing poetry, with an emphasis on translating poets from Latin America and Spain, as well as contemporary German poetry and short stories and micro-stories.

Olalla Castro and Jesús Ortega. Heidelberger Literaturtage festival, June, 9, 2021.

The meeting in Heidelberg has also provided the bases for new common projects between both UNESCO Cities of Literature. Contacts with personalities such as Wolfgang Erichson, Councillor for Culture of the City Council, or with artists such as the poet and publisher Tristan Marquand or the photographer Claus Geiss have been established.

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