Workshop “Containers of Stories”, by Sergio García

Since the fall of 2018, the Granada City of Literature UNESCO Programme (Arts Departament of Granada City Council) and the Aula de Literatura of the University of Granada have been collaborating on a series of free micro-workshops on writing. Our micro-workshops deal with very diverse aspects of literary creation. They aim to stimulate enthusiasm for literature, to generate new audiences, and to foster a network of complicity between authors-teachers and participants. The workshops have been celebrated on-site at the Madraza palace, but in 2020 they went on-line, due to Covid restrictions. Since 2021, however, they are going to be carried out both on-site and on-line.

There are a maximum of 15 places for each workshop, expandable to 20 places if done online, on a first-come, first-served basis. Those interested in applying for participation should write an email to

“Containers of Stories” | Teacher: Sergio García | Date: February 17, 2023, from 6.30 pm to 9 pm | Venue: Sala Mariana de Pineda-Palacio de la Madraza, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea of the University of Granada.

The workshop

Creation of a graphic work based on sequential graphic narration that overflows traditional editing formats. Multilingual storytelling concepts, containers of stories and alternative editing formats will be applied.

For those interested: previous knowledge of the language of comics is recommended.

Sergio García

Sergio García Sánchez (Guadix, Spain, 1967). He studied Fine Arts in University of Granada.
His professional activities focus on Editorial Illustration, Comics, and Children Illustration. He has worked for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Toon Books, Dargaud, Delcourt, Dibbuks, Ediciones Santillana, Ediciones SM, among others. He teaches at University of Granada (Profesor titular de Universidad), Master Bd EESI Angoulême (Guest teacher) and frequently runs workshops and lectures. His work has been recognized by the National Illustration Award 2022 (Government of Spain), Premios ÑH (2019-2020), APIM (2020), the Society of Illustrators (2016), American Illustration (AI37), School Library Journal (2016), Kirkus (2016), Festival Internacional de Bande Dessinnée de Sierre (2001) & CBBD-Centre Belge de la Bande Déssinne. He has participated in exhibitions in Paris, New York, Angoulême, Bruxelles, Frankfurt, Genève and Barcelona.

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