Preview screening of “Eterna”, documentary on Gata Cattana

Slam Poetry Granada and Granada UNESCO City of Literature are ahead on February 26 to the preview of the documentary about the poet and rapper Gata Cattana, which will be officially released in cinemas on March 2, the sixth anniversary of her death.

Preview screening of Eterna, the documentary on the life and work of Gata Cattana | Participants: Juanma Sayalonga (director), Sergio Escribano, Perrete Chico, Juan Galgo and Caperufrita | Sunday, Febrero 26, at 19 pm | Centro Federico García Lorca | Entry with invitation until full capacity

The documentary, directed by Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz, reveals the most relevant aspects of the life of Ana Isabel García Llorente, aka Gata Cattana, through her family, friends, cultural personalities such as Juancho Marqués, Alejandra Martínez de Miguel, Sara Socas, Frank T and Mala Rodriguez, among others, or the companions with whom she grew up on stage such as DJ Carlos Esteso or rapper Aenege.

The event will begin with a reading of poems by Gata Cattana by national poets and slammers, some of which also appear in the film: Sergio Escribano, Perrete Chico, Juan Galgo and Caperufrita. Juanma Sayalonga, director of the film, will also give a presentation.

Invitations can be withdrawn at the Centro Federico García Lorca from one hour before the start of the documentary and until full capacity is reached.


Eterna / Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz / Spain / 2021 (Official Trailer)

Gata Cattana

Ana Isabel García Llorente known as Gata Cattana or Ana Sforza, was a multifaceted artist who was born in Adamuz, Córdoba, in 1991, and died in Madrid in 2017. Rapper, poet and political scientist, her creations were loaded with social, political and feminist messages. Among its themes were also classical culture and mythology. For her revolutionary messages Gata Cattana is considered a reference for the younger generations. Her first musical work, Los siete contra Tebas, was released in 2013. After: Anclas (2015), Inéditos 2015 (2016) and Banzai, the latter posthumously in 2017. He combined his musical career with writing poems, which he frequently performed at Slam Poetry recitals. In 2016 she published the book of poems La escala de Mohs that would later be reissued (Arcesis, 2017; Aguilar 2019). In 2020, No vine a ser carne was published, an unpublished compilation of lyrics, poems and prose texts.

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