Ayala’s music. A soundscape of the 20th century

The Francisco Ayala Foundation, in collaboration with the Centro Federico García Lorca and the Granada UNESCO City of Literature Programme (Arts Departament of Granada City Council), is holding a concert at the Centro Federico García Lorca with narration around the figure of Ayala and the musical landscape of his life and work.

Date: Friday, March, 16, 2022 | Hour: 7 pm | Venue: Centro Federico García Lorca | Free entry until complete seats

Francisco Ayala was a big fan of music. There are many passages in his work dedicated to evoking some of his favorite compositions and authors, popular performers he met and performances he attended.

The repertoire of this particular sound landscape of the 20th century, then, is marked by Ayala himself, and is made up of 23 pieces from very different eras, styles and characteristics: an operatic aria together with a couplet; a tango after a pasodoble; Andalusian folklore chained with Kurt Weill or George Gershwin; the musical revue with medieval liturgical chant… and even a premiere piece for the occasion.

The musical interpretations of the soprano Ana Huete and the pianist Juan Manuel Cisneros will be accompanied by the narration by José Antonio Oliver.

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