Alejandro Pedregosa, literary resident in Óbidos

The writer Alejandro Pedregosa has been officially selected for the second literary residency in Óbidos for a Granada author. This residency will take place throughout the month of October 2018 and is part of a joint project between Granada UNESCO City of Literature and Óbidos Literary City with the aim to promote the internationalization and exchange of our respective writers.

During the first week of his stay in Óbidos, Alejandro Pedregosa will participate in the international literary festival FOLIO, one of the most important literary festivals in Portugal.

Alejandro Pedregosa (1974) was born in Granada. His literary career began while he was a student at university with two books of poems, Postales de Grisaburgo y alrededores (University of Granada, 2000) and Retales de un tiempo amarillo (Ayuntamiento de Trujillo, 2002). In 2004 wrote his first novel Paisaje quebrado (Germania, 2004) that won the José Saramago Prize. Thereafter, and for some years, alternates poetry books and novels. Los labios celestes (Pre-textos, 2007) is a book of poems that won the prestigious poetry award Arcipreste de Hita.
In 2008 wrote El dueño de su historia (Point of lunettes, 2008), a literary reconstruction of the Spanish civil war and the years of the Franco dictatorship.

In 2010 begins a thriller trilogy where the environment are as important as the characters. The first one, Un extraño lugar para morir (Ediciones B, 2010, reprinted in pocket edition in 2012), happens in Pamplona during the festival of San Fermin, while Un mal paso (Ediciones B, 2011) places the action in Santiago de Compostela and the famous road of pilgrims. A pleno Sol (Temas de Hoy, 2013) is the third novel in the series and is set in Madrid, during the spring of 2011 when hundreds of people camped out in the streets to protest against politicians. The three novels has been translate into frech for Stéphane Oury in Carain editorial. With his last novel, Hotel Mediterráneo (Planeta, 2015) has achieved great success with critics and audiences.

He has also published two book of tales, La sombra de Caín (Cuadernos del Vigía, 2013), and O (Cuadernos del Vigía, 2017) with which has won the Andalucian Critics´ Prize.

He use to write in spanish newspapers such as Ideal, Hoy, Sur o El diario vasco.

Alejandro Pedregosa has participated in several literature festival and has given lectures in universities from Spain, France, Cuba, Italy and Turkey. He also won the Prague International Literary Residency during the period July-August 2016.


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